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Self-publishing can be a daunting process to the beginner. It can have many rewards, but is fraught with many pitfalls. It is a subject that is far to complex to cover in the space that is allotted for here. However, there are many, many books written on the subject. Here are a few that I have read, and recommend. Most of them are on publishing books in general, and are not on comics specifically, but they contain a lot of useful information. You should be able to order these books through bookstores using the ISBN numbers. The Cerebus guide can be ordered through comic stores.

Not so much a 'How To' as a philisophical treatise, this book offers valuable information on both self-publishing and breaking into comics. I highly recomend it.
Cerebus Guide to Self-Publishing
by Dave Sim
ISSN 0712-7774
Aardvark Vanheim Inc
PO BOX 1674 Stn. C
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada N2G 4R2


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