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Production, Prepress, and DTP Applications

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Here is a list of books which I highly recommend. Many of these books are listed in the back of my own book, but there are new additions as well.



An Introduction to Digital Scanning
part of the Digital Colour Prepress series
Agfa Prepress Education Resources
P.O. Box 7917
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-7917


What can I say? I wrote it. If you haven't bought it all ready you ought to! But don't take my word for it: check out my reviews.

buy it here and now
Pocket Pal
A Graphic Arts Production Handbook
International Paper

No ISBN#, but is usually available in art stores. This is a must have item.

buy it at Amazon.com


For advanced users, this 656 page book is thorough, up to date, and relatively easy to read. Highly recommended!

For advanced users, this 766 page tome is not light reading and is used as an encyclopedia of knowledge.

The following are good introductory level books on prepress work, but essentially cover the same material:


A must have item. Highly recommended!

Color Correction

Don't let the name mislead you, the entire book is dedicated to the art of color correcting color photographs and artwork Highly recommended!

Color Correction


A dictionary of EVERY computer, internet, typographic, prepress term there is. Good to have!

Computer Programs

Dozens of books on Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop come out whenever the programs are upgraded, making it difficult to recommend specific books. However, I can recommend three imprints that put out good guides for these programs aimed at the new user.

Getting Paid!

... For Dummies
IDG Books
This is a good series for learning how to use a program for the first time.
buy them at Amazon.com:

CS2 for Dummies
Adobe ... Classroom in a Book
Adobe Press
A complete training manual with CDs.

buy them at Amazon.com:
Adobe Classrooms in a Book
Visual Quickstart Guide
Peachpit Press
These are good reference books to keep close by for looking up specific solutions quickly. They are handy for every level of user, particularly after a program is upgraded. Fondly referred to as the Bunny Books around our office.

buy them at Amazon.com:
Visual Quickstart Guides

A must have for determining what you should be paid.


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