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The Festering Season


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What do you get when you cross 'The Godfather' with 'Lord of the Rings'?

The Stonehaven series is an adventure/drama set in a modern day fantasy realm. Elves, and dwarves, and ogres live side by side with humans in the one of the largest cities in the world. The series of graphic novels feature an ensemble cast and a unique meld of genres and stories.

The current on-going digital series is available for PC, Mac, ipad, iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia and Sony Ericsson devices through Ave! Comics for as little as $1US (.79euros). Check out the preview.

In issue 1, a media frenzy surrounding a series of 'vampire killings' attracts the attention of a mysterious bounty hunter. Meanwhile Victor Jardine is hired to track down a pirate radio station.
001 Cover

Dog Bisquit
Milk Cartons
& Dog Biscuits

Now Available

Dog Bisquit

The first graphic novel in the series, Milk Cartons & Dog Biscuits , is written by Kevin Tinsley and illustrated by Phil Singer. It will be printed in spectacular duotone color and be released in both hardcover and softcover format. Dan Parsons has come to Stonehaven seeking his runaway daughter, Melody. Despite his position as a State Ranger, the police seem unable to assist him. He is forced to seek out the aid of a private investigator; a half elf by the name of Victor Jardine. They quickly stumble upon a fresh lead, but just as quickly realize that Melody's life is in immediate danger from those she believes to be friends.

Meanwhile, Tong enforcer Meili Mau is ordered to hunt down an anthromorphic killer stalking the streets of Chinatown BEFORE the police find it. As the police worry that a gang war may erupt between the Chinese Tong and a large werewolf gang known as the Wild Pack, Mau must contend with micro-management and power plays from the uppermost echelon of the crime family.

Fate and circumstance make for strange bedfellows as these apparent random events crash together in the stunning climax. Check out the first chapter online!

Soft Cover

Now Available


The second graphic novel in the series, Subterranean Hearts, is written and illustrated by Kevin Tinsley. It too will be printed in duotone color and released in both hardcover and softcover format.

Nheserteri, a young elven magic student at the Stonehaven University of Magic, must take a summer job at Dwarkin Extermination Company. Reluctantly risking her life alongside her coworkers in the subways and sewars beneath the streets of Stonehaven.

Victor Jardine and Meili Mau find themselves fighting along side the exterminators while fighting each other over the life of a young schizephrenic boy who may hold the salvation of the city in his hands. Check out pages from the first chapter online!

Soft Cover
Fruit of the
Poisonous Vine

Available Spring 2008

Prose Novel

The third book in the series, Fruit of the Poisonous Vine , is a paperback prose novel written by Kevin Tinsley.

Murders, lies and religion make for bad medicine when an influential corporate lawyer with a trunk filled with unregistered IVs of blood are discovered in the aftermath of gangland massacre. The investigation leads the Stonehaven Gang Related Task Force to Divinity Medical Center; a holistic hospital where alchemy, faith healing, and magic are practiced in conjunction with secular medicine.

Secrets begin to unravel as Stonehaven's finest chart a course through legal courtrooms, necromantic inquiries, hospital politics, religious infighting, corporate intrigue and mob enforcers in the search for answers as to the relationship between the blood, a notorious CEO and a vigilante on the prowl for mobsters.

Dog Bisquit
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The Festering Season

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